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Ruff & Barker

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Our Ruff & Barker® dog beds are the definition of luxury in the form of a high quality dog bed to keep your pampered pooches happy.

These Ruff & Barker® dog beds as standard come with the luxury faux suede fabric that is so soft to touch and nice to look at that you will love having it in your living room! You won’t find higher quality dog beds than these at such a fantastic price!

These dog beds have a removable cover that is washable at 30 degrees, making them perfect for your dog to have their bed washed every so often and perfect for you as you won’t have to put up with the smell that non washable dog beds usually get!  These Ruff & Barker dog beds will be a pleasure for you to have in your home!

The most popular type of Ruff & Barker® dog bed is the Memory Foam dog bed. This has the luxurious faux suede fabric around the edges and a deep pile on the top for your dog to lie comfortably on. The Ruff & Barker® logo is emblazoned in leather on the sides to give it that elegant look that no other dog bed on the market has.

Then we have the Ruff & Barker® Dog Bean Bag. This product has the luxury faux suede fabric all over it, giving your dog the lovely feel of this fabric all over! It is amply filled with polystyrene beans that make bean bags! These beans will mould to your dog’s body shape and insulate them through the cold nights as the beans retain heat extremely well.

Finally, the Ruff & Barker® Dog Bed Duvet is one of the most popular items in the range. It is perfect for those dogs who love to sprawl out and lie flat across the floor. This dog bed is filled with high density fibre to keep your dog nicely raised off the floor and will stay plump and comfortable for a very long time!

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